A Decentralised Autonomous Organisation
for the Caribbean Community 

Carib DAO

" Building the future of the Caribbean, block by block. "

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Why Join Carib DAO?


Built by the community, for the community. Carib DAO development, growth, and operations are managed by our member community. Anyone can participate. 


Get access to exclusive benefits including  early investment and crowdfunding opportunities for members. 


All transactions are recorded on the Binance Smart Chain via the CARIB Token, using the awesome security and transparency of Blockchain technology.

Blockchain-Powered Crowdfunding

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Real Estate

Find funding for your real estate development project. From proposal to funds dispersal can take as little as 12 weeks.

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Small Business

Startups and SMEs can access new capital for development and expansion. Kick-start your business venture and get the ball rolling.

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Have an idea for a new attraction? Want to attract new guests to your venue? Submit a proposal to acquire the funding you need.

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Artistes, Promoters, Producers and Entertainment Industry participants can find the support they need to go viral and bolster their product.



We're building a Blockchain Institution. Learn about Bitcoin, Blockchain and Web3 technologies with support from a growing community.


Community Projects

Community and charitable projects can be funded by the DAO. Each project is accountable, transparent and benefit members directly.

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Blockchain Workshops

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