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Our Mission

We have lost the internet. (:

However, we believe Caribbean people have an opportunity to prepare our youth for a Blockchain-powered future. We believe blockchain tech and Web3 enable freedom— financial freedom. And, that forming a community around this idea will enable us to fund our projects and create new investment vehicles safely, and securely.

We may have lost the internet, but Web3 is a win for everyone. By sharing our knowledge of Blockchain Technology, we are building the future of the Caribbean, block by block.

Founding Team


Donald P.

Technical Officer
Award winning developer, entrepreneur,
NFT collector, and Web3 pioneer. 


Mwalimu M.

Managing Officer

Founding researcher & contemporary historian of a cultural arts podcast platform with 5+ years P.R. and entertainment management experience.


Carlsdale G.

Marketing & Sales

Tour company owner with 15+ years experience in sales and online marketing within the tourism sector.


Julie P., MSc

Editor & Consultant
 Founder of an international non-profit focused on educating and empowering creators, artists, and business women.


Matt M.

Two decades in sales including 10+ years of financial & business planning for a major bank. Founder of a thriving multinational e-commerce business. Active blockchain enthusiast.


Omari J.

Marketing & Media

Established filmmaker, producer and screenwriter with over 20+ years experience producing feature films and documentaries. Web3 content creator.


Lorae K Web3 Advocate
IRL Community Mgmt
Richard NFT Creator
Web3 Educator
Samest Web3 Educator
Jose GameFi Guild Lead

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