• April 2022
    Monthly Workshops

    Host Monthly Blockchain Tech Seminars and Workshops to introduce the DAO locally throughout the Caribbean.

  • May 30th 2022
    CARIB Presale Date Announcement

    The CARIB Token Presale date and airdrop info will be announced. 

  • June 2022
    CARIB Airdrop Begins

    Our Airdrop Marketing Campaign begins. Our goal is to raise awareness by distributing CARIB.

  • Summer 2022
    Marketing Blitz

    Ambassador program, Team AMA Sessions, Airdrops & Giveaways. 

  • Fall 2022
    CARIB Presale 

    CARIB tokens will be offered at a discount for a limited time. Presale date is Monday, October 17th, 2022.

  • Fall 2022
    CARIB Listing

    CARIB will be listed on Pancake Swap, a popular decentralised exchange.

  • Fall 2022
    Web3 & NFT Platform

    The Carib DAO's web3 social platform will enable social rewards and a NFT marketplace; powered by the Hive blockchain.

  • Q1 2023
    Proposal System

    Development and Testing of our Project Proposal and DAO Governance system begins.

  • Q2 2023
    Blockchain Institute

    Break-ground on our accredited Blockchain Tech Institution in Negril, Jamaica. 

  • Q2 2023

    Launch our Caribbean tailored decentralise exchange to support members and local SMEs.

  • Q4 2023 

    Voting Begins

    Voting begins on our flagship proposals creating compounding benefits for all!